St George’s Square cycling confusion

Signs on Station Street, Huddersfield

The two signs in the photo can be found very close to each other on Station Street, Huddersfield. You’ll spot the yellow sign in the background of the photo of the other sign but can you spot the problem?

The problem here is that these signs aren’t consistent. The first sign (left) indicates that motor vehicles are prohibited, whilst the second goes further, suggesting simply that vehicles are prohibited. The plain white circle with a red ring means that even cyclists aren’t allowed.

However, the yellow sign probably isn’t legally enforceable. I very much doubt that the relevant traffic order will prohibit cyclists from passing through this part of Huddersfield, but I also don’t think the sign is in accordance with The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions.

Now, it is possible that Kirklees have been authorised to use the sign by the Secretary of State but I think more likely is that this sign was intended as a temporary measure to reinforce the meaning of the sign on the left.

I note from Google Street View that when they visited Huddersfield, there was a sign of the same design on Trinity Street. That sign has now gone and it is probably time this one went as well.

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