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NO2AV thinks the public can’t be trusted

For anyone wondering, I don’t intend to only write about AV. The NO2AV campaign offer some interesting reasons for opposing AV. One of them is that it might help the BNP’s election performance. They say “A no vote stops minority … Continue reading

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Why does NO2AV exist?

Why does NO2AV exist? That may seem like an odd question but bear with me. Just over a week ago, on November 5, it was exactly six months until the date of the alternative vote referendum. To mark the occasion, … Continue reading

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The NO2AV campaign and Cllr Weston on safe seats

The NO2AV campaign have recently highlighted what they describe as a “superb letter” which was published by the Bristol Evening Post. In the letter, Conservative councillor Mark Weston said, “it would do nothing to change safe seats, as most of … Continue reading

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